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The PTC Creativity Lab is an educational repository developed by educators and industry professionals. Our aim is to provide teachers with inspirational ideas and practical materials that help students participate in innovative experiences in and out of the classroom. The resources are free to use and are designed for K-12 educators.

We work with school districts, colleges, and government networks to ensure that our resources are high quality. If you are interested in partnering with us and/or have any questions, please contact us at

K-12 Teacher Testimonials

“The Creativity Lab offers a valuable free resource for educators to develop quality units through example lessons and clear explanations.”

“I like the benefits of product development education - application of skills and knowledge and understanding of the industry experience. Collaboration, higher level thinking, and career readiness are just a few of the common core expectations that are clearly addressed. I also liked the Curriculum Framework chart to go with each project. It's a great visual to see the interdisciplinary connections and standards addressed in the units.”

“The Creativity Lab Resource is awesome! I am a visual person so the bright colors, updated pictures and charts make it easy and enjoyable to look at.”

“I appreciate the focus on how units of study, lessons, and products all are tied into standards. With MCAS/PARCC testing hanging over our heads, it is important that we do not lose sight of doing "fun activities" that do not have any meaning. Many times we focus on the students creating projects, but they miss the "big idea" or skill we want them to master.”

“All three of the biomimicry projects are high interest projects, and would motivate my students. The way that the projects are presented and authored (for both the teacher and the students) are clear and specifically address common core standards that need to be incorporated within my teaching.”

"Bringing on a product development challenge, a hands-on project will be so engaging to all students, reaching all learners."

"I really love that you incorporated different categories - anthropologist, engineer, artist, journalist, entrepreneur, and scientist. These types of activities will meet kids where their protect particular strengths and interests lie. So important!"

"I can't wait to get started!"

"The activity begins with an effective "hook" to gain the students' interest. The key to an effective lesson is to engage the students and I think that students of all ages will be able to relate to the burr and Velcro. Not to mention if

they know a competition is involved, interest always seems to be piqued!"

"I really like the presentation based on specific industry roles. This incorporates the 'real world' concepts that I am striving to present to my students on a daily basis. For them to be immersed in vocabulary that connects activities to real world industry, it encourages ownership and deeper understanding across a broad spectrum of concepts. The way that each of the roles is broken down and described is basic and "user friendly" for both student and teacher."

"What a wealth of resources!"

"Love, love, love the idea of a professional development resource for teachers that can be accessed easily on the web. If it's free, it's for me!"

"I believe that our students need more 'Explore, Create, and Share' in their school day/lives. Share is an important element. Most of the time it's 'let's get through this standard for the state test.....'"

“I really like the Explore-Create-Share explanations. I feel like most of the projects I have used for students in the past couple of years only touch the surface of Create and Share, and definitely have not gone deep enough into the Explore. I am excited to use these explanations to create a rubric for the students.”

“Love, Love, Love the rubrics. In my school when a parent complains to the principal the first phrase the principal has for the teacher is 'Can I see the rubric?' When creating an activity I start with the rubric but with also having to plan the activity, finding the supplies the students will need, planning out the in class/out of class time frame for mastery I always seem to miss something. If it's not in the rubric, can't hold them accountable. I found these rubrics to be complete and very easy to understand by everyone, teacher, student, parent, principal. Thank you.”

“It was really neat to learn that Creo View has an iTunes App. Students would love this aspect if they had it on their iPhones, etc.”

“Industry roles. These are awesome. Again love the rubrics. With common core implementation in full swing, research and taking on industry roles gives the students the opportunity to explore the type of writing and

presenting that will be expected of them in common core. Using science class for thijavascript:void(0);s type of writing will also help students understand the importance of writing across the curriculum. Students learn writing and presenting skills in

ELA class, walk out that door and leave the skills behind. This aspect of the creativity lab will show them how important these writing and presenting skills are in 21st century learning.”

“The material is written by people who ‘get it’, who understand the challenges we are facing as teachers today and the multiple goals and requirements we are all trying to juggle and meet successfully."

“You have created a fabulous tool and framework for educators to create units, and provided so many resources.”

“The guide for writing curriculum resources is indispensable.”

“Explore-Create-Share: I like how it has been simplified so teachers can feel confident about rolling out hands on projects.”

“In the Curriculum Authoring Guide, I liked the clear, detailed steps on how to create a project.”

“There is a very clear layout of each phase of the curriculum authoring guideline. The visuals of the shaded in stars and numbered circles help so much as well. These types of visuals help me make a mental picture of how the

pieces fit together to make the whole. I like how you acknowledge how challenging this can be with all the other responsibilities that a teacher has."