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PTC’s product development software will enable collaboration, increase efficiency, and enhance accuracy during your team’s robot design process.

Creo - 3D CAD software - Save time and your team’s budget by designing, assembling, and testing your robot in Creo.

PTC Mathcad - Engineering Calculation software— Perform and document your team’s critical engineering calculations in Mathcad’s live document environment.

Logiciel pour établissements primaires et secondaires : Creo Parametric

Project Management in the Cloud with PTC Windchill

Securely manage and share all your files online using Windchill’s project management and data management capabilities. Never again ask, “Does anyone have that file on their hard drive?”

Windchill is a cloud-based service that enables collaboration among members of FIRST teams. It facilitates innovation by providing a cloud-based product development workspace with all the tools necessary to bring design teams together as if working in the same room.

With Windchill, it has never been easier to engage the whole FIRST team. Teams are offered the opportunity for faster, smarter robot development that yields better products on time and within budget.

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Kit of Parts Model Library

PTC models all of the parts from the official FIRST competition robot & field kit of parts.

2015 FTC

2015 FTC Matrix Robot Kit of Parts

2015 FTC Tetrix Robot Kit of Parts

2015 FTC Field Kit of Parts


2015 FRC Robot Kit of Parts

2015 FRC Field Kit of Parts

2016 FRC Robot Kit of Parts

2016 FRC Field Kit of Parts


Archive of Past Seasons